What is AEDEQ?

AEDEQ is an association of volounteers, nonprofit, established in 1996 and registered in 2001 in the national registry of associations RNA section 1, with the number 168065.  

The main positions of the association are:


Horses Herd: Babilonia, Lucrecia, June, Niche, Socrates (R.I.P. Eolo, Lucrecia, Flock and Jerry)

President: Dot. Mag. Lorenzo Lucarelli ;

Vice president: Irene Beltrán ;

Secretary: Cristina Antonini

Board of Directors:

Irene Beltran - Crafts; Maria Barajas - Nursing; Francisco Perez - Webmaster; José Gomez - Bioligy; Diego Garcia Cuadrado - Psychology; Miquel Chale – Boccia

Voluntarios CSE 2020/2021: Maria Shikova, Lara Simonis, Hugo Márquez, Gautier Rohart, Hatice Ilkinci, Gayane Barseghyan (+ Joana Scutelnicu, Enora Jouin, Ausra Pokvietyte)

Voluntarios locales 2020/2021: Oriol Carbonell (+ Merabi Shantadze)

Voluntarios CSE 2019: Linda Reinsone, Carlotta Wansing (+ Elie Guerry)

Volunteers EVS 2018: Anita Ács ; Giada Zoli ; Ali Riza Reisoglu

Volunteers EVS 2017: ; Alessandra Fontana ; Tommaso Boreatti ; Christina Chionidou ; Maria Pogiatzi ; Tural Omarli ; Ülgen Özalp ;  ; Alperen Bedir (short term EVS)

Volunteers 2016: Laura Burighel (EVS) ; Leila Bonnet (EVS) ; Geoffrey Jeaneau (La Rochelle Sup De Co) ; Laya Rey

AEDEQ is coordinator of a network of entities of the IAE sector at local and national level:

AEDEBAGA (Bagá - Barcelona)

Mas Alba (Girona)

Fundación La Granja (Sitges - Barcelona)

Molí de La Vaell (Valencia)

Betsaida (Huelva)

Ánimo (Almeria)

La Solana (Sevilla)

AEDEQ is a member of several international entities and international cooperation networks

HETI (International horse federation in education and therapy)

FITRAMA (International federation of therapies and assistance through the mediation of animals)

AIEJI (International association of social educators)

ACEB (Spanish professional scientific alliance for the welfare state)

RIDE (Ibero-American network of equinotherapies)

TRAG - Nevsehir University - Festina Lente - ANAC - Krila (ERASMUS + KA2)

EE. Katerinis

Porta Nuova Europa, InCo, Kentro Agapi, BIJ Lorient, Avrupa, Uludag University


What do we do?

Participating in international cooperation networks and projects AEDEQ has collected and continues to collect a heritage of updated technical information and contacts related to the IAE to share with its members and the public in general. We do research on the safety and effectiveness of the IAE to demonstrate the best practices, then, through the training and the European data bases we share the results.

In a manner consistent with the principles of social education, promoted by AIEJI, we protect animals and nature and offer activities with horses for people with special needs.

We advise organizations related to the IAE sector to implement good practices to help them integrate into the European social fabric. We cooperate with other non-profit entities and socially responsible companies by sending our volunteers and evaluating their experiences based on European criteria.

We host, send and coordinate European volunteering projects (EVS of short and long term) and individual mobilities of students and workers

We participate in the organization and celebration of cultural events such as congresses, associations’ fairs, historical recreation, traditional festivals, solidarity markets, etc. (see calendar of activities)

Our Team!

Lorenzo Lucareli
Fundador y miembro principal

Our herd