Equine therapy is related to the equine intervention and is aimed at achieving benefits for the health and quality of life of people and animals that practice it. More and more people are using this therapeutic method, combined with medical and educational treatment. At the same time, more professionals take the decision to specialize in Assisted Therapies with Equines.  Therefore, students and professionals who want to dedicate themselves to this social-professional activity must have a university degree in the health area, previously obtained to carry out graduate university studies specific to the field of equine therapies.  AEDEQ guarantees the diffusion of the techniques, the means and the materials necessary for the realization of the equine therapies through the following programs:


AEDEQ is part of the project: Horses teach me how to “find my way”  within the Erasmus + framework of the European Union. The objective of the project is to create a space for professionals in which they can exchange and gain knowledge, techniques and methods to make assisted therapies with equinesThe updating of techniques and methods applied in the interventions can be very effective by providing: a) professionals with alternative tools to work, b) most interesting ways in which horses can contribute to therapies, and c) more experiences so that the user increases the quality of its life with these therapies.


AEDEQ offers the possibility of volunteering in their centers to acquire training. For many years it has been collaborating with Spanish and foreign universities that send students to do their internships and has participated in several exchange programs of the European Union (Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.). Since 2015, it has been accredited as a coordination, reception and sending entity for the European Voluntary Service (EVS) within the framework of the Erasmus + Program.  

Volunteering with AEDEQ allows to make a unique experience in this field, in contact with nature and horses. Being a volunteer allows, not only to learn to deal with horses and AEDEQ users, but also to benefit from a natural environment and to work in a pleasant atmosphere.

The conditions to apply to the EVS are:

  • Tener entre 17 y 30 años
  • Be between 17 and 30 years old
  • Reside legally in Europe
  • Duration between 2 and 12 months
  • Projects can be carried out in the 28 countries of the EU or in "neighboring countries"
  • Spread the European spirit.
  • Promote language learning.
  • Propagate tolerance among young Europeans.
  • Promote the active participation of citizens.
  • Support to local communities.
  • Interact with people with a different language and culture.
  • Support to the daily activity of the organizations


For more info download the project infopack

But it is NOT a language course, a vacation, a work experience or cheap labor!

At the end of the program, volunteers obtain the Youthpass, which is an instrument of validation and recognition that allows Erasmus + program participants in the youth field to receive a certificate that describes and validates their non-formal learning experience.  



AEDEQ realizes a professional training course for FPE employment, which in the end leads to a certificate of acquired competences valid in all the countries adhering to the Erasmus + program and in the countries where there is a national organization of equinotherapies affiliated with us. Our course lasts between 4 months and 1 year and consists of 27 practical classes that the student must integrate with autonomous theoretical studies with the support of our tutors.